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Welcome to Little Bumps

A little introduction to us...

We are two mums, Sophie & Selina, with three wonderful children between us. We met nearly 10 years ago whilst working together as Team Leaders of a disability short breaks service. Between us we have over 30 years of childcare experience and in 2016 we decided to set up our own first aid training company, delivering courses to both childcare professionals and new parents.  
A year and a half after setting up our business, Sophie welcomed her second daughter, Alice, into the world. At just three days old Alice was admitted to hospital with Bacterial Meningitis. Sophie’s instincts and training contributed to saving Alice’s life.
By 2019 we had contributed to saving two children through the actions we took and had been made aware of a further three babies who had been saved by the training their parents had received from us. We were fuelled by this to support as many new and expectant parents to be able to recognise the signs of meningitis.
But now, we want to do more than that.
We want to equip you with the basic first aid knowledge needed for the most common causes of harm and injury to young babies; we want to help support you with your mental health & wellbeing as new parents; we want to celebrate developmental milestones with you as your baby grows; we want to give you confidence with weaning when the time comes; we want to facilitate you to build lasting connections with others and we want to offer you our support as you begin the greatest adventure of all time – parenthood.
We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our courses soon!

If you are interested in booking a family first aid workshop you can submit an enquiry using the form below.

A bit more about our two co-founders...

Sophie Lunn

A word from our co-founder Sophie

First and foremost comes my family, my two beautiful little girls, my partner, and our bouncy spaniel. We’re an active family, with the mindset to provide the very best experiences for our children. You’ll find us exploring woods, playing poo sticks, or at the beach! 

My career aspirations have always been to have a positive impact on the lives of children, I’ve worked in a variety of roles within the charity sector, as senior management for children’s day nurseries, and as a consultant in the Early Years industry. Inspired by the scope to influence others I decided to focus on providing training across the sector. First Aid was always an area I took I lead in, being first on site during some challenging scenarios led me to combine the two and become an instructor. 

In 2016, we took a leap of faith and launched our very own paediatric first aid business ‘Early Years First Aid’. It has been a dream to create something that has been so meaningful, not just to ourselves but to the many parents and early years professionals. I speak very sincerely when I explain how significant the training and insight has been for me, and my family. In 2017, a year and a half into the delivery of our very own first aid courses, the skills that I had obtained literally became life saving. Our 3 day old baby, Alice, presented with a number of concerns, of which I was able to identify and act accordingly. She was subsequently diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. I firmly believe that, paired with parenting experience, the first aid knowledge saved her life. 

In addition to saving the life of my own little girl, Alice, our parent first aid courses have saved the lives of 3 other babies thanks to the skills and knowledge that their parents bravely displayed. 

Myself and Selina feel that parenthood is a rollercoaster, especially in those early years. That’s why we have invested our complete dedication to curating a bespoke programme to provide a scaffold, a continuum of much needed advice, support, and insight during this precious period. 

Selina Ashton

A word from our co-founder Selina

Hi, I am Selina. I am mummy to a happy little munchkin and my days are filled with (very slow) walks, singing songs and reading stories. My little family and I live in a village in Bedfordshire and we like to be out in the woods or down by the sea (in all weathers) as often as we can be.

I have been working with children in one capacity or another, for most of my life. I’ve been privileged to work with children from birth up to 19-years-old and although I don’t have a favourite age group (they all have something amazing to offer), I have found myself spending a lot of time working in the Early Years sector.

I completed a degree in Childhood Studies, which included a qualification in Counselling & Mentoring. It was fascinating to learn about the different developmental theories and to discover that at the basis of all of them was play!

Since then, I have worked in management roles within disability services, nurseries and the children’s outdoor activity sector. Most recently, I worked in a primary school as a Nurture Lead; helping children with social skills, language development and supporting their mental health & wellbeing. I am also undertaking further training to become a breastfeeding support worker.

I love spending time with children, they have a magical way of brightening any situation, their energy and enthusiasm is infectious!

I’m so excited to work with you and your family and to share the knowledge and experiences I have to help you keep your little ones safe and to help them to thrive.

I really look forward to meeting you soon!

Family First Aid Contact

Family First Aid Enquiry

Thanks for your interest in training with us, someone will be in touch soon!

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